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Nasty effluent

Water running down the edge of the northern section of the Local Nature Reserve from the Coningesby Drive area looks and smells polluted with ‘non-rain water’. This is then running into the Gade river just upstream of the rustic bridge and is flowing back into the ‘dry’ stream area of the reserve. The Environment Agency have been informed and are investigating.

Update 18 April: Watford Borough Coucil and Thames Water have investigated the source of foul water pollution and have concluded that it was being discharged from a public surface water sewer that crosses the Fullerians pitches and not those from Coningesby Drive. The indication was that there is a blockage on the system where foul sewage is crossing into the surface water pipe. Thames Water are placing a boom across the stream to contain the pollution and will continue to investigate its source as a matter of priority.

Update 23 April: Flow now appears to be clean.