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About Us

The Friends of Cassiobury Park was formed in 1973 to encourage greater interest in the park and represent users’ interests. At the time the Friends challenged proposals for the development of the park, which were felt to undermine the area as a unique place of natural beauty and tranquillity. Times have changed, as have demands on the Park, but our main aim is to maintain and protect this incredible local asset.

We are a charity, run by trustees under a constitution with the following aims:

  1. To assist in preserving and enhancing the natural appearance of Cassiobury Park  wherever possible.
  2. Provide a communication path for our members to Watford Borough Council and other park stakeholders.
  3. To assist Herts & Middlesex Wildlife Trust and Watford Borough Council to manage the area designated as a Local Nature Reserve.
  4. To encourage the protection of wildlife in the park and promote the importance of biodiversity and sustainability.
  5. To keep members informed of any proposals affecting the park and, where appropriate, lobby the Council.
  6. To support Watford Borough Council by providing regular volunteer working parties to undertake projects such as litter clearance, tree planting, nature reserve conservation, and by reporting problems, such as acts of vandalism, river bank damage and flooding.
  7. Raise funds to support projects that improve the park and nature reserve.

Click here to view the full constitution and associated policies.