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Lottery Fund Designs for the Park

At the Family Fun Day in the Park on Sat 18th May,  we saw for the first time the initial designs of the HLF (Heritage Lottery Fund) project for the ‘Gate’ area, Chachacha’s and a new ‘Hub’ building.   Comments received from Friends on the Hub buidling were summarised and sent to the project office as follows:

“Overall we support the  need for a new hub building and the proposed location. However, we have some  serious concerns over the current plans, namely: 1) The building at the  moment seems too intrusive in the space that has been allotted for  it. 2) The height of the roof/solar panels needs to be lower/shaped  better to minimise the visual impact of the building. 3) There should  be limited or no parking allocated inside the building.  We are  concerned about increased traffic and the use of valuable floor space in what  needs to be a building with the minimum necessary  footprint. 4) If the education centre is used to host evening  activities this may result in the need for a lit path from Langley Way. Evening  activities already take place at Cha Cha Cha and this is a better place for them  in terms of light and access. “

We hope that the next round of plans will be modified in the light  of the points we have raised and we will monitor developments closely to  ensure we have great new facilities in the park without damaging the natural  beauty.
The design boards will be on display as follows:
Thurs 23 May:    Market
Friday 24 May:   Museum
Sat 25 May – Sun 2 June:  Cha Cha Cha
Do go and have a look if you get the chance
or register comments by contacting Matt at
and fill out a general park survey form at